Botulin toxin is indicated for the temporary reduction of dynamic wrinkles like glabellar frowning lines, horizontal forehead lines and crow’s feet among other mimic expressions.

The product is injected directly in the zone to be corrected and 4 to 6 months lasting results are expected. Improvement in facial appearance is likely to be seen within the first week after injection.

This procedure can be combined with facial fillers and other surgical rejuvenation techniques.

Case N°1. Frontal horizontal and frown dynamic wrinkles in a 40 year-old woman, treated with 40 units of toxin after 4 months.

Case N°2. Frontal horizontal lines in a 65 year-old man, treated with 40 units of toxin. Post op results are shown after 4 months.

Case N°3. Crows feet correction after 4 months.

Case N°4. Muscle neckbands, treated after 5 months.