This surgery is scientifically known as Rhinoplasty. The current trend is to correct the aspects of the nose that need improvement. Aesthetic rhinoplasty can reduce the overall size of the nose, remove a hump, reshape the tip and narrow the nostrils, among other details.

Surgery can be performed in an operating room on an outpatient basis

Case N°1. Hump cartilage and bone removal. The patient desired no tip projection. Figures 1 pre and post-op seen from different views.

Case N°2. Septum cartilage removal with subtle tip projection plus naso labial angle improvement to produce dorsum shortening.

Case N°3. Resection of small amount of central cartilage and tip projection.

Case N°4. Tip refinement and projection after a primary previous conventional rhinoplasty, with synthetic facial filler injection.

Case N°5. Tip projection and definition with synthetic facial filler injection. No surgery was performed.