Dr. Jacovella has presented ten books and many papers as well.

“Introducción a la Docencia en Medicina”  (In Spanish)

Jacovella PF
López Libreros Editores. Buenos Aires, 1991 

This manual is ideal for medical instructors and professors willing to teach within a pedagogical-based background. Programs, lectures, panels and other didactic ways of teaching medicine are presented in a concise format.

“El artículo científico en cirugía.  Cómo escribirlo” (In Spanish)

Arribalzaga EB,  Jacovella PF
López Libreros Editores. Buenos Aires, 1992

This concise manual gives interesting hints for medical authors willing to start writing articles in surgery.

“En el consultorio de cirugía plástica”  (In Spanish)

Jacovella PF
Foreword by Prof. Ivo Pitanguy.
López Libreros Editores. Buenos Aires, 1996.

This book, especially written for the “would be” patient, explains the main procedures in both aesthetics and reconstructive surgery. Chapters: How to become a specialist, The Operating Room, Pre and post cares, Facial rejuvenation, Facial Fillers, Surgery of the eyelids, Rhinoplasty, Protruding Ears, Breast augmentation and reduction, abdominoplasty, liposuction, buttock augmentation, Burns, Main birth defects and Facial Trauma.

“Buena / mala praxis médica en cirugía estética” (In Spanish)

 Jacovella PF, Kennedy R.
Ad Hoc. Buenos Aires, 2004.

The main chapters of this book are: medical liability, certification and recertification processes, informed consent forms for aesthetic plastic surgery, surgical facilities safety requirements, regulatory issues of medical devices and several legal issues regarding cosmetic surgery practice.

“El artículo científico: del papiro al formato electrónico”  (In Spanish)

Arribalzaga EB Giuliano R, Borracci R, Jacovella PF.
Magíster Eos. Buenos Aires, 2005

This complete textbook shows the whole development indications for writing and publishing a scientific paper, from seeking for references through internet specialized browsers to peer review editorial process.

The main chapters are: language style for good writing, statistics, charts and figures, power point slides creations and some hints for podium presenters.

“Correcciones faciales estéticas con rellenos inyectables” (in Spanish)

Jacovella PF. 
Akadia Editorial. Buenos Aires, 2008

It presents a detailed list of different facial fillers products for facial rejuvenation. Advantages and drawbacks of many fillers are analyzed and figures showing results are presented as well. 

“Maniobras quirúrgicas básicas: competencias evaluables” (In Spanish)

Arribalzaga EB, Jacovella PF
et al. Buenos Aires. Akadia 2016.

Is a concise manual for the last year medical internship that shows basic surgical maneuvers in a related website.  It presents many tips on first emergency diagnosis and treatment algorithms as well.

“Cirugía plastica estética”  ( In Spanish)

Jacovella PF. (editor).
Buenos Aires. Akadia, 2017.

Throughout 25 chapters, it presents indications and limitations to aesthetic surgery, ethical issues, main complications, suggested surgical instruments and detailed techniques with many appropriate figures as well.

The foreword was written by Professor Fortunato Benaim, academic plastic surgeon and former president of the Academia Nacional de Medicina.

“Comunicación básica en cirugía” (In Spanish)

Arribalzaga EB, Algieri RD, Jacovella PF
el al. Buenos Aires. Dunken, 2017.

This concise easy reading manual allows the reader to learn how to communicate in different medical scenarios, concerning surgical environment.

From first interview with patients to operation room dialogues, it includes hints for efficient academic lectures with slide presentations and many examples regarding how to write medical reports as well.

“Cirugía estética y derecho: doctrina y jurisprudencia”. (In Spanish)

Jacovella PF.
Buenos Aires. Akadia, 2018.

 A practical manual, especially designed for plastic surgeons and attorneys at law, interested in medical issues regarding malpractice prevention.

Chapters include medical reports writing, informed consent forms, patients’ pictures, medical liability, expert witnesses’ opinions, medical indemnity insurance, incident analysis, ethical issues and non plastic surgeons performing aesthetic surgery. Leading cases from Argentina are discussed.

Some of the published peer reviewed articles about aesthetic surgery, minimally invasive treatments and medical education.

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